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About Silent Symphonies

Set in mid-nineties London, Silent Symphonies follows the life of sultry Leila Cranston-Jasper, a highly-strung writer in her thirties on a quest to find love, peace and a semblance of normalcy in her idiosyncratic life. Her husband, Akash Yoganathan numbs Leila and picks her apart using his arrogant intelligence and wit. Parallel to this providence is her involvement with a scholarly, subtly sexy cardiologist, Kaobi Chetachi-Ubah, who breaks down Leila’s walls one brick at a time, luring her to a life that she can only ever taste on the tip of her tongue.

When a chance encounter with a fortune-teller gives Leila a cryptic overview of her destiny she dismisses this as hogwash. Then her rose-tinted-glasses of naiveté fall off in a series of dramatic events.

She spends her life-time in the company of the oddity of the fortune-tellers words. The leaves of destiny then dance in accordance with the rhythm of the wind.

Silent Symphonies Reviews

Leila the main character is a 'real' woman and not a perfect saint which resonates with real life and believable actions. The story line has intriguing twists which kept me reading. The romantic elements occasionally cut off quickly and left me wanting more however, that leaves room for the imagination to run wild and kept me wanting more. Loved every minute of reading it and totally enjoyed the story
I'll definitely be reading more of Sallys books and wish the author every success with her writing

- Ivy F

Interesting read, Good ironic storyline with a cultural mix. Intense yet laid back writing style. Beautiful use of poetry.

- Mya

Great read

- AI Tarego

This book has touched my heart in an unexpected way. It came into my life as part of an unexpected love. I read the book with hope and anticipation. Leila instantly struck me as a smart, independent woman. I found myself asking why is she stuck in this relationship?! She's smart, loyal and proud. Then it finally stuck me, leila is a metaphor for all of us women. The smart woman. The strong woman. The uncertain woman. The insecure woman. Leila was the inside woman of all of us, guiding us through her difficult decisions like a painful memory, one step at a time. Sometimes as women, we make decisions that we feel are isolated, and that make us feel as though we are alone in this thought process. I feel like this book is a path in which we can all channel our female energy

- Anonymous

I started reading this book on a long haul flight and just could not put it down. I couldn't sleep that night on the plane neither could I sleep the next day because I couldn't stop reading. It just grabs you from the first page and keeps you hooked. Unfortunately I was a zombie after I finally finished.
It is so beautifully written. It is hard to believe this is only the author's first offering. The poetry, the prose, is simply put, captivating. The story line is totally relatable, particularly if you are of ethnic stock. Plus you get added value of real life lessons that apply to any one in a romantic relationship

- Nkaepe Lisk-Carew

I loved the plot and connected with the myriad of emotions they evoked. I must say It was frightfully honest! I really liked that the main character was so robust and was painted in many many different shades of grey like most off us. Although I know it is a work of fiction, some scenes were so vivid and I knew came from somewhere deep,deep down. Highly recommend this book

- Mrs BD Coker

Was this really her first novel?!?! I loved it. I went through a range of emotions, then I cried and took a break. I hated the writer, wanted to protect the characters, but then I got it; the characters thrived in the midst of thorns and character flaws, and not despite them, because in reality, that is what we do. Greatly anticipating her next work

- Deborah Chukwuedo

If you want to read something that will make you think long and hard, then this book is for you. I am not an avid romance reader, but the romance in this book was real! It had no Cinderella ending and represents relationships as they exist in the world today. A fantastic read!

- Tracey C

I chose to read silent symphonies over the 2016 Christmas holiday. it was the perfect companion. Reading the book, i felt like i had spent a weekend catching up with an old friend who had been through the most incredible experiences but unknown to her, i had my own version of her larger than life episodes. Having lived in some of the places described in the book, it was fun journeying with the characters on their geographical exploits.The characters were extremely robust and relate-able in terms of how each and everyone of us struggles day to day with our own humanity and the humanity of all those around us.There are deep lessons of love, friendship and family, and the sometimes misguided expression of all three. Please read the book, it is simply amazing

- Oghogho Anyaru